Thank you for your donation to CIS of Los Angeles and joining Hoops 4 Kids to support our students.

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Thank you for joining CISLA’s Hoops 4 Kids March Madness Bracket Contest!

Winners of the contest will receive prizes such as tickets to pro sports games and more! All donations go to the support of underserved students in Los Angeles.

Open this link in a new window to create your brackets.

Then, select the number of brackets you would like to enter and give your donation below.

Deadline for completing brackets and donation is Thursday, March 17th at 9:15am PT.


$25  1 Bracket
$50  2 Brackets
$75  3 Brackets
$100  4 Brackets
$125  5 Brackets
$150  6 Brackets
$175  7 Brackets
$200  8 Brackets
$225  9 Brackets
$250  10 Brackets
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