Wednesday, June 8th, 2016


“It wasn’t until I met my CIS site coordinator, Karina, that I saw my future with more clarity… CIS not only gave me the tools to be successful, but also a network and a family who I continue to turn to when I have a question.”

— Selena Juarez, CIS of Los Angeles Alumna, class of 2012


(L to R) Singer-songwriter Jojo and students of Venice HS choir perform at CISLA’s Annual Celebration; Risa Gertner, honorees Richard Lovett and Erin Favre-Smith, and Deborah Marcus; Jojo with CISLA alumni Selena Juarez, Jamal Tate, and Manda Wheeler

Two weeks ago, at the home of Chris and Jennifer Lewis, CIS of Los Angeles celebrated its 9th year and honored two of its own: Erin Favre-Smith, CIS Site Director, and our long time champion, former board member, and friend, CAA president Richard Lovett, for their commitment to doing whatever it takes to ensure that students succeed.

CIS Alum, Manda Wheeler and Jamal Tate travelled from Texas and North Carolina to join Selena on stage to share their stories, each inspiring examples of what is possible when we come together as a community to surround students with the resources they need to overcome barriers, graduate, and reach their goals. As we move towards our 10th school year here in Los Angeles, and 40th nationally, we know that high school graduation, while critical, can’t be our endgame. Ensuring that our students persist in college — and graduate from college with a support system in place — is our next frontier, and Manda, Jamal, and Selena will lead the way.

The arrival of June means graduation is upon us. We are taking to social media to honor and celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our students who are graduating and going on to futures that are bright and full of opportunity. Join us in celebrating their success! You can learn more by following us below.

Congratulations to the CISLA Class of 2016!

With gratitude,

Deborah Marcus
Executive Director

This month, we are kicking off a campaign to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of CISLA students graduating this month.

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