Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Dear Supporters & Friends,
I spent the morning at Manual Arts High School in South L.A. with Michelle, a proud Latina woman we have known since her 9th grade year, who yesterday received the first of her college acceptance letters! She shared with me that as a 9th grader she was “rowdy” and didn’t care about school because she didn’t know what she wanted to do or what her options even were. But after building relationships with her CIS site coordinators, her teachers and participating in school programs, she now wants to pursue a career in communications or law. She spoke of being a leader – to herself and to her younger sister – instead of just trying to fit in.
Michelle is just one of over 1,500 students who we are so lucky to get to know, learn from and help to support every day. By building relationships with one student at at time, we are showing the youth of our city that they matter and we empower them to succeed and to LEAD. I cannot wait to see where Michelle and the class of 2016 will lead us.
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With deepest gratitude and respect,